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This Transmission Electron Microscope arrived in March 2010 and moved to the MAS building in November 2011.

You can see its specifications here: this TEM has a high tilt pole piece.JEM2100

This microscope is the modern equivalent of the 2000FX - with nearly 30 years between the two, there are some very significant improvements in capabilities and performance. The links on the right give a brief description of the main applications for this machine, and where appropriate a comparison between the 2000FX and the 2100.

The electron energy loss system which was on this machine was transferred to the ultra-high resolution TEM, a doubly aberration-corrected JEOL ARM200F. The ARM200F represents the ultimate in high resolution imaging and analysis, but will not be needed (or suitable) for routine work, particularly in the magnification range 1000x to 50000x. A useful report/discussion on aberration-corrected microscopy can be found here.