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Thu 6 Oct, '22
A Celebration of Ada Lovelace, The Alan Turing Institute
Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA


Ada Lovelace, a 19th century mathematics and computer science pioneer, is celebrated globally as a role model for women in STEM. In March 2022, a statue of Ada Lovelace was installed in the City of Westminster.

To celebrate the legacy and impact of Ada Lovelace, the Kindness Studio has teamed up with The Alan Turing Institute and the University of Warwick to co-host a day of art and AI activities involving a community of artists and scientists to celebrate her legacy, on Thursday 6 October at Somerset House, London.

Please join us to make connections and create further reaching and foundational networks in our Research and Turing community. This will be a day of celebrating Ada Lovelace and to realise the broader applications and importance of Data Science and AI, including in history and art, and for reaching further into public engagement.

The day will involve presentations on Ada Lovelace’s legacy, AI, and art, along with exhibits from AI and artists with a prize competition. It is designed to encourage networking and collaboration between the AI, science and medicine and artist communities. The event comes at a time when, according to the UK education hub, women account for only 11.4% of STEM starts (2019/20).

The event is designed to...

    • Celebrate Ada Lovelace and discuss how the sculpture in Westminster will elevate woman progression in STEM

    • Provide a networking platform for fellows to exchange ideas

    • Promote creativity through art and breakthrough in science

    • Promote gender inclusivity within the STEM community.



    • 2 - 3 PM: Ada Lovelace Art & Science Workshop

    • 4 - 6 PM: Ada Lovelace Artist Q&A:

      • Mary & Etienne, Artists

      • Elisabeth Rounis, Neurologist

      • Diana Spiegelberg, Deputy Director of Somerset House Trust

    • 6 - 7 PM: Networking & Drinks

    Mon 10 Oct, '22
    UK-China Climate Finance and Sustainable Energy Transitions Workshop
    Warwick Business School

    UK-China Climate Finance and Sustainable Energy Transitions Workshop 2022

    Join the Energy GRP for their UK-China Climate Finance and Sustainable Energy Transitions Workshop. The event aims to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogues, collaborations and shared learning on topics at the intersection of financial and regulatory responses to sustainable energy transitions.

    10 October 2022, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick


    9am - 1pm.


    Find out more:

    Wed 12 Oct, '22
    Inspiring Women

    Hear from Warwick alumna Carla Miller author of “Closing the Influence Gap”, who will be our next speaker on Wednesday 12 October, 12.30-1.30pm. Carla is a leadership coach, trainer and keynote speaker who works with women to develop their careers and their confidence. She also supports employers to develop and retain their female talent, build their pipeline of female leaders and encourage male ally-ship.
    Register and join webinarLink opens in a new window opens in a new window opens in a new window

    Thu 13 Oct, '22
    DR@W Forum: Relaunch of BBS and GRP with Lukasz Walasek
    WBS M1 (Teaching Centre)

    As already announced, the first session will be an introduction to the re-launched Behaviour, Brain and Society (BBS) Global Research Priority (GRP). The event will take place in WBS M1 (Teaching Centre), Thursday 13th October at 2.30-3.45pm. The speakers will be the GRP academic leads: Daniel Sgroi (Economics), Lukasz Walasek (Psychology) and Andrea Isoni (WBS). You can find the abstract here. Zoom links will be added on the day.

    Thanks to everyone who has already responded, but can I encourage you to complete the poll linked here by the end of Tuesday 4th October if you are planning to attend, as we need to book some catering beyond the usual tea and biscuits!

    Dr. John C. Taylor

    Laboratory Manager | Behavioural Science Group | Warwick Business School | University of Warwick || External:

    +44(0)24 76524188 | Internal: 24188 WBS Scarman Building 3.113 | University of Warwick |Coventry | CV4 7AL |

    Wed 19 Oct, '22
    Internal Seminar: "Reverse Bayesianism: Revising Beliefs in Light of Unforeseen Events", Christoph Becker (Visiting Researcher WBS)
    H0.44 Humanities

    Hosted by Mikhail Spektor

    Speaker: Christoph Becker

    Title: Reverse Bayesianism: Revising Beliefs in Light of Unforeseen Events Abstract: Bayesian updating is the dominant theory of learning. However, the theory is silent about how individuals react to events that were previously unforeseeable or unforeseen. We test if subjects update their beliefs according to reverse Bayesianism, under which the relative likelihoods of prior beliefs remain unchanged after an unforeseen event materializes. Across two experiments we find that participants do not systematically deviate from reverse Bayesianism. However, we do find well-known violations of Bayesian updating. Furthermore, decision makers vary in their ex-ante unawareness depending on the context.

    Wed 16 Nov, '22
    Internal Seminar: "Grant Application Storming"
    H0.44 Humanities

    Hosted by Adam Sanborn (Mikhail Spektor)

    Wed 30 Nov, '22
    Internal Seminar: Neel Ocean (faculty WMG)
    H0.44 Humanities

    Hosted by Mikhail Spektor

    Thu 12 Jan, '23
    Guest Speaker: "Title tba" Professor Michelle Yik, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    H0.44 Humanities

    Speaker: Professor Michelle Yik

    Title: tba

    Host: Professor Anu Realo


    M Yik speaker

    See archive of Previous speakers here

    Wed 5 Jul, '23 - Fri 7 Jul, '23
    European Congress of Psychology

    Runs from Wednesday, July 05 to Friday, July 07.

    Statement of Interest

    Scientific member role spec

    The BPS is hosting the ECP 2023 on behalf of the European Federation of Psychology Associations in Brighton on 5-7 July 2023.

    The theme for the event is Psychology Uniting Communities for a Sustainable World.

    We are looking for a group of practitioners and researchers united by their energy and passion for psychology. We appeal to people from across all domains of psychology to come together in ensuring a dynamic, innovative and far-reaching scientific programme that reflects a blend of knowledge and experience representing the best of psychology. The theme of uniting communities requires psychology to build strong collaborations across borders between academics and practitioners alike. ·

    The role of the Committee includes:

    • The responsibility for managing the scientific programme, including call for submissions, and decision making on selection of submitted abstracts and presenters.
    • Ensuring diversity and inclusion in all aspects relating to the scientific programme, including consideration of technology, accessibility for submissions, presentations and participation.
    • Encouraging wide participation from psychologists from different domains and regions Ensuring that the type and form of the congress programme promotes sustainability. For example, the call for submissions for an e-poster system which will replace hard copy and, that participation in the conference is possible virtually to its greatest extent. Applications are welcomed from across the membership – including academics, teachers, researchers and practitioners.

    Applications are welcomed from across the membership - including academics, teachers, researchers and practitioners. We are also seeking undergraduate, postgraduate and early career members to ensure representation at all stages of the career pathway. The Society welcomes encourages applications from the following groups of people who are under-represented within our committees. Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people. People with disabilities and, people who identify as LGBTQ+. We welcome all people who have the potential to help humanity in solving the problems that our world faces today. A statement of interest form and member role spec are no later than Friday 15th October.


    Image of The British Psychological Society Logo

    Carl Bourton | Research and Impact Grants and Awards Administrator
    St. Andrews House, 48 Princess Road East, Leicester, LE1 7DR
    t: +44 (0)116 252 9917 m: