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Behavioural Science Group

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We focus on the behavioural science central to human welfare, particularly:

  • economic and consumer psychology;
  • judgement and decision making;
  • psychology and the law;
  • health related behaviour; and
  • risky and intertemporal decision making.

We use laboratory and field experiments, large longitudinal datasets, and mathematical modelling to apply the core principles of cognitive psychology to the important decisions in our everyday lives.

The group is part of the University Global Research Priority Behaviour, Brain & Society programme, with members from Economics, Mathematics, and Warwick Business School. We have joint weekly research meetings and a weekly seminar programme as part of the DR@W laboratory.


Key areas of research


A £900k Leverhulme grant supports a collaboration between Psychology and Warwick Business School investigating the behavioural economics of value. We are exploring how value is constructed and the implications for public policy.

The Network for Integrated Behavioural Science

The network is an interdisciplinary collaboration including psychologists and economists. We test theories of individual and group behaviour and apply research to industry and public policy.


Social norms

Using agent-based models we explore how social norms determine aggregate behaviour of whole populations.

Behavioural operations in policing

In collaboration with Law and Warwick Business School we are exploring the decision making of front-line police officers, applying mathematical models of memory, judgment and decision making.

Research Labs
The Centre for Operational Police Research - COPR

Launched in 2014, the Centre for Operational Policing Research (COPR) is a new interdisciplinary research centre bringing together the departments of Warwick Business School (WBS), Law and Psychology. With the aim of developing a research agenda that is both intellectually innovative and has clear policy and practice implications within policing, we have built a network at chief officer level of 12 police forces across England and Wales.

Driving Simulator

Psychology Driving Similator is a collaborative facility with WMG.

Group Members
Dr Elisabeth Blagrove Professor Gordon Brown
Dr Johanna Falben Dr Michaela Gummerum
Professor Thomas Hills Dr Sam Johnson
Dr Stefanie Keupp Dr Emmanouil Konstantinidis
Dr Melina Kunar Dr Nicholas Lange
Professor Elliot Ludvig Dr Alice Mason
Owain Ritchie (RA) Professor Adam Sanborn
Sidney Sherborne (RA) Dr Mikhail Spektor
Dr Jake Spicer Aidan Tee (RA)
Dr Pete Trimmer Professor Kim Wade
Dr Lukasz Walasek Professor Derrick Watson
Robin Watson (RA) Dr Wenjia Joyce Zhao
Dr Jianqiao Zhu  
Honorary Research Fellows
Dr Ula Cartwright-Finch
Dr Pablo León Villagrá
Dr Henrik Singmann
Research Students
Hessah Alshaalan Erika Aparicio Isabelle Barrett
Pip Brown Lucas Castillo Alexandra DeLaTrobe
Michael Hattersly Prisca S Han Danyang Hu
Yu-Chun Huang Zhihong Huang Thomas Kelly
Halleyson Li Yunxiao Li Eugene Malthouse
Marc Skelton Emily Spearing Alexandra Surdina
Simon van-Baal Mengran Wang Finn Wort
Yuqi Ye Weize Zhao  

Scientific impact at Warwick

K Wade

Maximising the Value of Witness Evidence

Confronting the unreliability of the human memory

M Kunar and D Watson

Improving Road Safety Education and Driver Training

Raising awareness of the need to pay attention on the road