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Thu 18 Apr, '24
Conference of Multimodality in Early Interactions (CoMEIn) for ECRs
Zeeman Building, MS.04

We are thrilled to announce that registration for CoMEIn 2024 on April 18th at the University of Warwick is now open! ECRs interested in multimodality in infant and child interactions - don't miss out! We have a fantastic line up of speakers and poster presentations, lunch, refreshments - all free! Please click on the link below to register:

The deadline for registration is 31st March 2024. Please note that this event is in-person only and the tickets are on a first-come first-served basis.

CoMEIn” for ECRs is a one-day interdisciplinary conference that aims to provide a platform for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to share their findings, insights and unique perspectives on the role of multimodality (i.e., various modes of communication such as gesture, prosody, speech etc.) in early caregiver-child interactions, and how this may shape communicative development in the early years. There will be keynote speeches from established scholars on cross-disciplinary topics related to the overarching theme of multimodality in early interactions, as well as careers talk and Q&A session from a panel of academics in the field, for ECRs to gain insight into securing a job in academia.

As such, we encourage early career researchers working on the topic of multimodality in early interactions, to be a part of this wonderful event and secure the opportunity to: present their findings, network with fellow exciting minds in the field, gain insight into academic professional development, and foster the potential for future collaborations. We are soliciting two types of contributions: oral presentations or posters.

Wed 24 Apr, '24
Internal Seminar: First Year PhD Students - Shivani Patel, Yitong Lin, Zepeng Sun, Lauren Wilkinson
H0.44 - Humanities Building
Thu 2 May, '24
Internal Seminar: Prerika Sharma, Monash University
H0.44 - Humanities Building
Wed 8 May, '24
Internal Seminar: First Year PhD Students - Jenny Zhou, Xiaomu Guo, Katie Cunneen, Kehan Mei, Tom White
H0.44 - Humanities Building
Wed 15 May, '24
Internal Seminar: First Year PhD Students - Kuangheng Li, Yuxuan Su, Ying Guo, Monthira Boonthip, Aleena Mahmood
H0.44 - Humanities Building