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Information for prospective employers

Have you considered forming a partnership with the University of Warwick and providing work experience for high-calibre undergraduate students?
Now more than ever, the Department of Psychology is committed to supporting all students to take up substantive work experience opportunities. We want our students to develop the skills employers need and look forward to their careers and futures. Find out how you can get involved and what are the benefits for your organisation.


About our placements and internships programme

Our placements and internships connect employers with talented psychology students. Our mission is to form mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations across all sectors: in private companies, government departments, NGOs, charities, research agencies and other host organisations. Organisations working with us are supported by a dedicated Placements Teaching Fellow and a Senior Careers Consultant. Our experienced team is on hand for queries the organisation and a student may have. We are looking to build long-term partnerships with a range of organisations. We are keen to support the goals and growth of the student and employer alike. Download our Placements Leaflet.

What work opportunities are we looking for?
  • 12-Month placements. A full-time placement in which the student is integrated within an existing team or department.
  • 6-Month placements. A full-time placement in which the student works within an existing team or department.
  • 'Placement, Outreach and Engagement'. A placement module in which a student works with an organisation to develop, design, and deliver outreach and engagement project (click here for more information about this opportunity)
  • Summer placements. A full-time or part-time placement undertaken throughout the summer break, between May and September.
  • Internships. A short to medium term work opportunity (between a couple of weeks and a couple of months). Can be undertaken part-time during the academic year.
  • Micro-internships. A short-term work opportunity (2-5 days) which allows the student to observe and assist with a notable project or specific tasks.
  • Work shadowing. A short term, informal opportunity, where a student spends time with a host organisation but have no expectation of making a working contribution; it is an observation/reflection opportunity.
  • Bespoke placements. Contact us to discuss other work opportunities and develop a bespoke placement that suits your organisational needs.
What are the benefits of offering placements and internships?
  • Your organisation can take advantage of the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm of our hard-working students;
  • A placement could offer a cost-effective, low-risk solution for your business needs;
  • Your staff could enhance their management skills by mentoring a psychology student;
  • Taking placement students or interns will raise your organisation's social responsibility profile;
  • You will provide students with an invaluable experience - to see how the theories and case studies they learn about in their courses apply in the real world!
  • You will help students to make more informed career choices, which might include working for your organisation;
  • Providing students with the opportunity to work for your organisation will contribute to the local economy;
  • Working with us will provide you peace of mind of employing quality and well-supported students;
  • The Department of Psychology at Warwick will promote your brand via its professional networks online and offline for free! For example, we regularly 'tweet' about successful collaborations with partner organisations.

For placements and internships inquiries, please contact:

Dr Gitit Kadar-Satat

What types of organisations offer placements and internships?

Psychology is a hugely versatile subject.

It forms part of a vocational pathway but is also attractive to a range of employers and professions, including:

  • The NHS and healthcare services
  • Therapy and psychological support services
  • Human resources departments, Careers services
  • Local and national government
  • Nurseries, schools, colleges, universities
  • Research agencies
  • Charities/Not for profit sector
  • Marketing and public relations agencies
  • Police forces, prisons, law enforcement agencies
  • Banking and Finance organisations
  • Data science, web design and user experience
  • Media and Digital departments
  • And other host organisations...