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Gitit Kadar-Satat (Assistant Professor- teaching focused)

Gitit Kadar-Satat



I’m interested in social inequality in child and adolescent development, family and childcare policy, fathers and fatherhood, work-life balance, work-based learning, large scale surveys, longitudinal analysis, mixed-methods.

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Representative Publications:

  • Kadar-Satat, G., Leonard, S. and Wang, L. (2020). Why Fathers’ Involvement in Primary Schools Matters: Recent trends in Scotland. Report to Fathers Network Scotland. Link
  • Koslowski, A. and Kadar-Satat, G. (2019), "Fathers at Work: Explaining the gaps between entitlement to leave and uptake", Community, Work & Family. 22(2):129-145. Link.
  • Kadar-Satat, G., Szaboki, R. and Byerly A. (2017). Father Involvement in Primary Schools in Scotland - A Pilot Study in East Lothian. Report to Fathers Network Scotland. Link.Riddell, S., Weedon, E., Hunter-Blackburn, L. and Kadar-Satat, G. (2016). Access to higher education for people from less advantaged backgrounds in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Report to the Sutton Trust. Link.
  • Kadar-Satat, G. & Koslowski, A. (2015). Fathers in the early years: How do they balance their work and family life? Scottish Government. Link.
  • Zagel, H., Kadar-Satat, G., Jacobs, M., & Glendinning, A. (2013). The effects of early years’ childcare on child emotional and behavioural difficulties in lone and co-parent family situations. Journal of Social Policy, 42(2), pp. 235-258. Link