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Warwick Women in Science

Women at Warwick

For more information on how the Warwick Science departments are encouraging and recognising commitment to advancing the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths, and medicine employment in higher education and research- see below:

Read more about how the young researchers at Warwick groupLink opens in a new window aim to cover the importance of equality in their chosen scientific field.

Women in Science videos

Find out why some of our female academics, students, and alumni decided a path in the Sciences by watching the videos below.

Hear from Nicola, a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Chemistry.

Hear from Charlotte, a first-year PhD student working on a PhD project in the Centre for Fusion, Space and Astro-physics Department.

Hear from Stephanie, a Warwick Alumna, about why she chose a science subject, her experience of Warwick, and how she got here.

Hear from Gemma, a Teaching Fellow at the Department of Psychology.

Hear from Alice, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics.

Hear from Kathrin, a Research Fellow at the Department of Physics.