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Working Papers Published in 2009

No. 09-01
Papavasiliou A and Ladroue C
Parameter Estimation for Rough Differential Equations

No. 09-02
Copas JB and Lozada-Can Claudia
The Radial Plot in Meta Analysis: Approximations and Applications

No. 09-03
Copas JB
Likelihood for Statistically Equivalent Models

No. 09-04
Marshall T and Roberts GO
An erogdicity result for adaptive Langevin algorithms

No. 09-05
Griffin JE and Steel MFJ
Time-Dependent Stick-Breaking Processes

No. 09-06
Freeman G and Smith JQ
Bayesian MAP Model Selection of Chain Event Graphs
Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 102, 1152-1165

No. 09-07
Thwaites PA, Freeman G and Smith JQ
Chain Event Graph MAP Model selection
Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 102, 1152-1165

No. 09-08
Smith JQ, Riccomagno E and Thwaites PA
Causal analysis with Chain Event Graphs
Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 174, 889-909

No. 09-09
Roberts GO and Rosenthal JS
Quantitative Non-Geometric Convergence Bounds for Independence Samplers
Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 2, 391-403, 2011

No. 09-10
Sherlock C and Roberts GO
Optimal scaling of the random walk Metropolis on elliptically symmetric unimodal targets
Bernoulli, 3, 774-798,2009

No. 09-11
Jiang CR, Aston JAD and Wang JL
Smoothing dynamic positron emission tomography time courses using functional principal components
NeuroImage, Vol. 47, Pages 184-193

No. 09-12
Yau C, Papaspiliopoulos O, Roberts GO and Holmes C
Bayesian Nonparametric hidden Markov models with application to the analysis of copy-number-variation in mammalian genomes
Journal Royal Statistical Soc., series B, 1, 35-57, 2011

No. 09-13
Mattingly JC, McKinley SA and Pillai NS
Geometric ergodicity of a bead-spring pair with stochastic Stokes forcing

No. 09-14
Li WV, Pillai NS and Wolpert RL
On the supremum of certain families of Stochastic

No. 09-15
Bai Y, Roberts GO and Rosenthal JS
On the containment condition for adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms
Adv. Applied Statistics, 1-54, 2011

No. 09-16
Sherlock C, Fearnhead P and Roberts GO
The random walk Metropolis: linking theory and practice through a case study
Statistical Science, 2, 172-190, 2010

No. 09-17
Jacks SD
Markov Chains conditioned never to wait too long at the origin

No. 09-18
Liverani S, Cussens J and Smith JQ
Searching a multivariate partition space using weighted MAX-SAT
CIBB 2009, F.Masulli, L. Peterson, and R. Tagliaferri (Eds), LNBI 6160, 240-253. Springer, Heidelberg

No. 09-19
Mattingly JC, Pillai NS and Stuart AM
SPDE limits of the random walk Metropolis algorithm in high dimensions

No. 09-20
Mazzetta C
Age-specificity in conditional ring-recovery models

No. 09-21
Alexander KS and Zygouras N
Quenched and annealed critical points in polymer pinning models

No. 09-22
Alexander KS and Zygouras N
Equality of critical points for polymer depinning transitions with loop exponent one

No. 09-23
Latuszynski K, Maisojedow B and Wojciech N
Nonasymptotic bounds on the estimation error for regenerative MCMC algorithms under a drift condition

No. 09-24
Guan SL, Bonnett L and Brettschneider J
Using gene subsets in the assessment of microarray data quality for time course experiments

No. 09-25
Lamnisos D, Griffin JE and Steel MFJ
Cross-validation prior choice in Bayesian probit regression with many covariates.
Statistics and Computing, 22, (2012), 359-373

No. 09-26
Kuha J and Firth D
On the index of dissimilarity for lack of fit in loglinear and log-multiplicative models

No. 09-27
Cart A and Steel MFJ
Modelling Multi-ouput stochatic frontiers using copulas
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, forthcoming

No. 09-28
Papaspiliopoulos O and Roberts GO
Importance sampling techniques for estimatino of diffusion models

No. 09-29
Pokern Y, Papaspiliopoulos, Roberts GO and Stuart AM
Nonparametric Bayesian drift estimation for one-dimensional diffusion processes

No. 09-30
Latuszynski K, Kosmidis I, Papaspiliopoulos O and Roberts GO
Simulating Events of Unknown Probabilities via Reverse Time Martingales
Random Structures and Algorithms, 38 (4), 442-453, 2011

No. 09-31
Papaspiliopoulos O
A methodological framework for Monte Carlo probabilistic inference for diffusion processes

No. 09-32
Zwiernik P and Smith JQ
The Geometry and Independence tree models with hidden variables
Bernoulli (to appear)

No. 09-33
Da Fonseca TCO and Steel MFJ
Non-Gaussian Spatiotemporal Modelling through Scale Mixing
Biometrika, 98, (2011), 761-774.

No. 09-34
Akacha M and Benda N
The Impact of Dropouts on the Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies with Recurrent Event Data

No. 09-35
Latuszynski K and Niemiro W
Rigorous confidence bounds for MCMC under a geometric drift condition
Journal of Complexity, 27(1), pp. 23-38 (2011)

No. 09-36
Kosmidis I
On iterative adjustment of responses for the reduction of bias in binary regression models

No. 09-37
Rigat F and Mira A
Parallel hierarchical sampling: a general-purpose class of multiple-chains MCMC algorithms

No. 09-38
Hairer M and Pillai NS
Ergodicity of hypoelliptic SDEs drive by fractional Brownian motion

No. 09-39
Hutton JL and Stanghellini E
Modelling health scores with the skew-normal distribution

No. 09-40 
Griffiths RC and Spano D
Diffusion processes and coalescent trees

No. 09-41
Lamnisos D, Griffin JE and Steel MFJ
Adaptive Monte Carlo for Binary Regressio with Many Regressors

No. 09-42
Akacha M and Hutton JL
Analysing the rate of change in a longitudinal study with missing data, taking into account the number of contact attempts

No. 09-43
Kendall WS
Geodesics and flows in a Poissonian city
Annals of Applied Probability, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 801-842, Oct 2011

No. 09-44
Rogers J, Hutton JL and Hemming K
Joint Modelling of Event Counts and Survival Times

No. 09-45
Varin C, Reid N and Firth D
An overview of composite likelihood methods
Statistica Sinica, vol 21 (2011), pages 5-42.

No. 09-46
Akacha M, Da Fonseca T and Liverani S
First CLADAG Data Mining Prize: Data Mining for Longitudinal Data with Different Marketing Campaigns

No. 09-47
Chakrabarty D
Different Tracers given Different Graviational Mass Distributions