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Understanding Cities through Urban Analytics

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Location: CS1.02, Computer Science

Title: Understanding Cities through Urban Analytics

Speaker: Professor Alex Singleton, University of Liverpool

Details: Wednesday 15 November, 11am-12pm, CS1.02, Computer Science Building

Mapathon: 12-1.30pm


For many developed nations, an era of constrained census budgets and response rate decline in many national surveys are challenging for traditional Social Sciences who have relied upon these data sources to make sense of human behaviour and their contexts. In parallel, cities are increasingly awash with new and emerging forms of spatially explicit data, that within appropriately selected analytical frameworks can provide new insight into human dynamics, urban form and conditions, with often muchgreater spatio-temporal resolution than might have previously been attainable. However, such data are not a panacea for the understanding and management of future cities, and caution is needed in their use. Urban analytics is the multi-disciplinary area of research that is concerned with using such data alongside computational and statistical techniques to study cities. This talk will describe a range of case studies from within the Geographic Data Science Lab at the University of Liverpool and the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre.

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