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Case Study

Supporting Company

Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP)

The Challenge

Transport collaboration is claimed by many as the solution to the expectations of a market which asks for quicker, reliable, cheaper and environmental-friendly deliveries. Doubts on the feasibility of transport collaborations emerge when one looks at the low number of partnerships currently in place and the several barriers which seem to hinder the process.

The Outcome

An external party called “trustee” is increasingly presented as the enabling factor for the wide-spread implementation of collaborative solutions. The framework of emerging an extended list of benefits and barriers linked to collaborative initiatives was refined through semi-structured interviews with the CHEP managers directly involved in the development of the trustee service. Research concluded opportunities linked to collaboration are multi-faceted though interest is mainly leveraged by showing lower cost and carbon emission figures. From a practical standpoint, the model resulting from this work can be used by a trustee to assess its current position against the development of trustee services.