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Case Study

Supporting Company

Tata Steel Europe

The Challenge

Since the popularisation of ‘cyber-physical’ age, there is an awareness of the 4th Industrial Revolution that predicts to have a huge potential to improve a company’s competence. But the challenge is how companies are sometimes not totally aware of their current position, and what possibilities that they could achieve. A proposed initiative to identify Industry 4.0 maturity to find the gap for future improvement is taken up by Tata Steel Europe.

The Outcome

From the literature, the scope of the fourth Industrial Revolution is stated in comparison with the third. Then, major elements of Industry 4.0 is discussed, which serve as a technical enabler to the changes in supply chain and business models. The result is identified gaps across business areas in terms of Industry 4.0 maturity, a list of recommendations to close the gap, which contributes not only to the case company, but also provides a practical framework that can be used to assess across the industry on a larger scale.