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Case Study

Supporting Company


The Challenge

Companies often face the problem of deciding where to locate its strategic functional logistics. Offshoring has been a mainstream idea in the academic world to base the said decision on, but on the contrary the reverse of this idea is re-shoring which has a gap that is yet to be filled. Presently, academics and industries alike are tackling the challenge of bridging the information cavity on the idea of re-shoring, and the paper seeks to augment this knowledge.

The Outcome

For the industrial field, a final framework has been concluded to guide the manufacturer the logistics considerations when making the shoring decision. Also, for the logistics providers, it helps them to provide logistics solution to satisfy both the offshoring trend and the reshoring trend. For the UK government, this paper proves that reshoring is not an absolute solution to issue of offshoring, rather, there are vastly unexplored areas with this decision, as reshoring will very likely increase the UK road congestion and traffic hazard. However, that should not be a deterrent factor to move completely away from the idea of reshoring.