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Case Study

Supporting Company


The Challenge

To achieve competitive advantage, organizations are facing the challenge to operate globally and position their assets while choosing the best location for some of their manufacturing operations. Due to several motives, the best location changes over time. This is where moving assets become a challenge as firms could either off-shore or re-shore, but re-shoring has limited literature and thus contributes less to the broader overview of the whole shoring phenomenon. The paper seeks to overcome this limitation.

The Outcome

The construction of the theoretical right shoring framework, namely: business strategy, manufacturing strategy, location decisions and shoring drivers allow to connect these strategies through manufacturing performance objectives and integrates the shoring drivers for manufacturing decisions. The empirical framework has explored the possible critical success factors for right-shoring and had enriched the theoretical right shoring framework developed during the secondary phase. This augments current knowledge around shoring initiatives and can be practically used by industry professionals to widen their competitive scope.