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Case Study

Supporting Company

SCG Cement-Building Materials

The Challenge

The importance of managing a business as a whole rather than as an individual entity has become important because environments, advances of technology, and globalisation of markets have transformed rapidly. However, the current situation in business is that organisations are not effectively integrated since the complexity of work processes and operations has been increasing. This is where supply chain management and segmentation are critical to the integration of business processes, since the approach to supply chain segmentation is still conceptual and limited in empirical practices.

The Outcome

The opportunity to conduct an empirical research and explore the opportunities to improve the internal integration by researching a case study company, which is Cement-Building Materials through the application of supply chain segmentation. The conceptual framework was developed in the context of internal integration, internal challenges, business process alignment, and supply chain segmentation, and was then tested for the company. This then provides guidance for organisations that seek to improve their internal integration by implementing the application of supply chain segmentation.