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SCiP Networking Event, 8 December 2020

Sustainability and the supply chain: Lighting the path forward

in conjunction with Blue Yonder - Webinar

Consumption driven economic growth has been at the heart of industrial growth since the 1st industrial revolution. It is increasingly recognised that we are now at a tipping point as the positive impact on the economy is beginning to be outweighed by the negative impacts to the environment and society. As we enter the next stage of our industrial evolution, new models of economic development will require more careful consideration of the economic, environmental and societal impacts. This will require more responsible models of both consumption and production, to achieve the ambition of sustainable development goal 12. Progress towards this vision is potentially being hampered by the lack of clarity as to what this means in practice, particularly for the manufacturing supply chains that have fuelled industrial growth over the last centuries. Circular economy, sustainability, responsibility are just some of the terms that are used interchangeably, with little consensus, and lack of vision as to how they can be implemented in practice.

This webinar will present 4 evidence based scenarios to provide a vision for more sustainable manufacturing supply chains in 2035. It will also present a set of management practices that will enable organisations to reflect on their current practices and consider ways they can improve their sustainability. This is brought to life through case studies from companies who are leading lights in sustainability.

11:00 Welcome Alan Duncan, Blue Yonder
11:05   Jan Godsell, WMG
11:35 Leading Light case studies
  • Manufacture 2030
  • Lenzing

Martin Chilcott, Founder and CEO

Simeon Nachev, Value Chain Manager from Lenzing

12:05 Panel Q&A

Chaired by Alan Duncan,

Blue Yonder

12:30 Close
Registration:Sustainability: The path forward

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Professor Jan Godsell joined WMG in October 2013 from her prior position of Senior Lecturer at Cranfield University School of Management.

Professor Godsell's career has been split between both industry and academia. She joined the faculty of Cranfield in 2001, following the completion of her Executive MBA there. She also completed her PhD at Cranfield, researching the development of a customer responsive supply chain.

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Martin Chilcott, Founder and CEO

Alan Duncan, Blue Yonder

Alan Duncan is Senior Director of Manufacturing Strategy (EMEA) for Blue Yonder, the leading manufacturing supply chain software vendor. With more than 30 years of supply chain experience in a variety of manufacturing industry sectors, he has led many major transformation programmes to bring about significant improvements in financial and operational performance.

A recognised expert in supply chain management, Alan works closely with leading manufacturers to ensure they maximise full value from their technology and supply chain investments.

Simeon Nachev, Value Chain Manager from Lenzing

Simeon Nachev is Value Chain Manager at Lenzing AG (worlds leading producer of wood based cellulosic fibers). In his current role he is making sure that the Business & Supply Chain in Lenzing AG are ready to adapt to the new international business “norm” – Disruption. Simeons has 10 years of experience in the sphere of Supply Chain Management. He began his career as Market Analyst in the pharmaceutical company Actavis (now TEVA) and since he has taken on different roles with increasing responsibilities in Sales, Logistics and Planning.