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Identifying new business opportunities

Identifying new business opportunities for retailers through coopetition

W/C 21st February (Date & Time – TBC)

Damascus Mile believes in a low carbon, green future.

They provide technology that allows competing companies to share logistics infrastructure for last mile deliveries.

Covid-19 has put new pressures on high street retailers and leisure operators, and accelerated the trend to online.

At the same time the development of new technologies and last-mile services are creating new opportunities for offerings to improve in-store customer experience, leverage data, and gain advantages through supply chains to increase market share.

To support the positive transformation of the high street retailer sector, WMG, University of Warwick, in collaboration with our project partner Damascus Mile, is organising a workshop for non-food retailers and leisure operators to explore new coopetitive business opportunities and develop new customer value propositions.

WMG, University of Warwick, will use its coopetitive business model methodology in this workshop to support the development of new value propositions and business models to further support Damascus Mile services and its "You Shop We Drop" business offering.

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About Coopetition

Emerging technologies and innovations are creating a new competitive landscape with the introduction of disruptive business models into traditional industries.

As a result, businesses must be strategically prepared to respond to emerging trends.

A common approach for doing so is to shift from separate product and service offerings to more complex value propositions that will allow businesses to capitalise on market opportunities to maintain and grow their market position.

However, these product-service value propositions can only be realised when many actors in the value chain collaborate to create and deliver value by combining their resources and competencies to overcome technological and commercial difficulties.

As a result, coopetition emerges as a viable business option in which companies that might compete can come together to compete and cooperate with each other, creating win-win situations through resource integration and the generation of new value propositions.

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