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Professor Steve Mann

Steve Mann (Professor) joined the Centre in September 2007. He has previously lectured at both Aston University and University of Birmingham. He has experience in Hong Kong, Japan and Europe in both English Language Teaching and teacher development.

Steve is a course development specialist and has designed teacher training programmes and ESP courses ranging from 'Football English' (Aston Villa), 'Telephone English' (American Express), 'Telesales English' (Halifax Building Society), 'Marketing and Presentation Skills' (Sony, Japan) and 'Presentation English' (British Council, Japan). One of his recent books 'The Coursebook and Beyond' (2011) is a handbook for novice teachers guiding them in selecting, adapting and supplementing coursebooks. This includes appropriate use of video materials and the Internet.

Steve supervisors a research group of PhD students who are investigating teacher's education and development. The groups' work considers aspects of teacher development, teacher beliefs and the development of knowledge, the first year of teaching, mentoring, blended learning, and the use of technology in teacher development. Steve's 'state-of-the-art' article sets out some of the main concerns of this group of researchers. Steve is also interested in qualitative interview interaction. His Journal of Applied Linguistic article (2011) details four 'discourse dilemmas' that face the interviewer and suggests 'parameters of sensitivity' that can help build awareness of interview talk and management. If you are interested in joining this group of researchers, e-mail Steve. He has presented on this topic at BAAL (Bristol September 2011) and AAAL (Boston March 2012).

Steve has recently published an edited book with Julian Edge for the British Council with the title 'Innovations in Pre-Service Education and Training for English Language Teachers'. You can download a pdf of it here. It features contributions from around the world. He presented a keynote address in August 2012 on the same topic at the National Symposium on Pre-Service Teacher Training in Lanzhou, China. He presented on the same topic at METU (Northern Cyprus) in March 2013 and Marmara University, Instanbul in May 2013. He recently returned from four city tour of India promoting the book.

Steve will be presenting a paper with Professor Steve Walsh (Newcastle University) this month (14th June) at a eflective practice event with Tom Farrell at Aston University, Birmingham. The paper is titled RP or ‘RIP’: A Critical Perspective on Reflective Practice.

Steve is on the editorial board of four international journals: TESOL Quarterly, International Journal of Innovation in English Language Teaching and Research, Classroom Discourse and on the editorial panel of ELTED (English Language Teacher Education and Development) . He also regularly referees articles for Teaching and Teacher Education, System, Applied Linguistics Review, and Applied Linguistics.

Room Number 1.77
Telephone 024 76528439024 76528439
Joined the Centre  October 2007
Responsibilities in the Centre for Applied Linguistics

Recent Publications

Edge, J and Mann, S. (2013) Innovations in Pre-Service Education and Training for English Language Teachers. London: British Council. (ISBN 978-0-86355-702-6)

Mann, S. and Edge, J. (2013) Innovation as action new-in-context: an introduction to the PRESETT collection. In Edge, J and Mann, S. Innovations in Pre-Service Education and Training for English Language Teachers. Pp 5-13. London: British Council.

S. Mann, S. and Tang H.H. (Sept 2012). The role of mentoring in supporting novice English teachers in Hong Kong. TESOL Quarterly. Special Issue on Novice Teachers (ed Thomas Farrell)

Mann, S. and Talandis J. (2012) Developing Communities of Practice at a Distance. In England, L. (Ed) Online Language Teacher Education: TESOL Perspectives. London: Routledge.

Mann, S. 2011. Teacher Development: A Discourse for Individual and Group Development (ISBN 9783639350401) Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Verlag.

Copland, F. & Mann, S. 2011. The Coursebook and Beyond: Choosing, Using and Teaching Outside the Text. (ISBN 9781896942322). ABAX: San Franscisco.

Steve Mann 2011 A Critical Review of Qualitative Interviews in Applied Linguistics Applied Linguistics 32(1): 6-24

Sue Wharton and Steve Mann (2010). Connecting Discourses: Academic and Professional Worlds. Language Teaching, 43, pp 230-23

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Steve Mann
Dr Steve Mann