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  • Mayaffre, Damon M., Scholz, Ronny. 2017. Constructing 'the French people' - on Sarkozy's populism. Journal of Language and Politics, View
  • Scholz, Ronny. 2016. Towards a post-material prosperity? An analysis of legitimising narratives in German crisis discourses from 1973 and 2008. French Journal for Media Research, 5 (Narratives of the Crisis/Récits de crise), View
  • Scholz, Ronny, Angermuller, Johannes. 2013. Au nom de Bologne? : Une analyse comparative des discours politiques sur les réformes universitaires en Allemagne et en France. MOTS (102), pp. 22-36, View
  • Scholz, Ronny, Wengeler, Martin. 2012. 'Steuern runter macht Deutschland munter' und 'Kriegen die Pleitebanker auch noch einen Bonus?' Zwei wirtschaftskrisen in Bild. Osnabrücker Contributions to the Linguistic Theory (OBST), 81, pp. 155-176, View

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