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Contributors from Oxford Brookes University

Thank you for considering submitting your work to the BAWE project.

Oxford Brookes are collecting assignments from any modules in the following subjects from both undergraduate and Masters students:

Subject areas Collection Update*
Applied Human Nutrition (MSc) Years 2 and 3 are full

English Language and Linguistics / Applied Linguistics

Year 2 full
PG full
Computing Years 1 and 3 are full
Electrical Engineering  
English Studies Year 1 is full
Health and Social Care Years 1 and 2 are full
Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism PG full
Philosophy Year 1 full

* we will try to update this page regularly but certain years may have filled up in between updates

Please note that we have a sampling quota of assignments that we can accept for each subject and it may be that we have filled the sampling quota for a particular subject area or for specific years of study. The project works on a first come first served basis. Our apologies if you submit an assignment and we are unable to accept it (we will of course delete such submissions and not use them for any other purpose).

Assignments must be at least 500 words in length, and have been marked at 60% or above. Five assignments may be submitted from any single year of study (current or retrospective) and ten in total per subject. Joint honours students and those taking modules outside their home department may submit more than ten. We can also accept no more than three assignments from any single module. Masters level students may submit a maximum of five assignments. Below are some examples of the combinations of assignments that undergraduates submit:


Example 1 (£30)


 Year 1

Year 2 

Year 3

 Philosophy  5  0 5


Example 2 (£60)


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

English 3 2 5
Publishing 5 1 4


Once you have submitted your work, you will receive an e-mail to arrange a time to meet in ICELS, Gipsy Lane Campus or we can arrange to send payment by post. If you have any queries please contact Please note that we have a limited quota of assignments that we can accept for each subject so please get in touch asap!