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Christopher Brumfit, interviewed by Robert Phillipson, 22.4.86

Interview, 22.4.86

Location: a public location (at a conference during a break?).

Context: one of a series of interviews referred to on p. [iii] of Phillipson, R. 1992. Linguistic Imperialism. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Peter Strevens (referred to in the interview) had been interviewed the previous day; Bernard Lott (also referred to) was interviewed earlier or later the same day.

Discussion focuses on a series of questions or headings apparently provided to the interviewee in advance (we don't have a copy of this).

Digitised from a cassette tape donated to the ELT Archive by Robert Phillipson. Published here by permission of Robert Phillipson and Rosamond Mitchell, widow of Christopher Brumfit (1940– 2006: Guardian obituary here).