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Online lecture on Historiography in Applied Linguistics - PUC, Sao Paulo (9.12.20)

Here is video of the lectureLink opens in a new window (approx. 1 hour), with PowerPoint slides

Details of publications and sources referred to during the lecture are listed below in order of mention:


1. In connection with Harold E. Palmer and the roots of ELT

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More information: The Writings of Harold E. Palmer: An Overview, by Richard Smith (1999). Tokyo: Hon-no-Tomosha.


2. Further work in connection with the development of English language teaching

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Warwick ELT Archive website (for more information, see, for example 'Publications' and 'Hall of Fame' pages)


3. Related to historiography in applied linguistics

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4. Towards History of Language Learning and Teaching (HoLLT) in its own right

Special Open Access issue of Language & History (57/1) on ‘History of Modern Language Education in Europe’. Online (Open Access

Special Open Access issue of The Language Learning Journal (46/1) on 'Histories of language learning and teaching in Europe', co-edited by R. Smith and N. McLelland (2018)).

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AILA Research Network on History of Language Learning and Teaching website

See, in particular, ​HELBLink opens in a new window (História do Ensino de Línguas no Bresil) website.


5. Related to the life and career of Professor Antonieta Celani

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'Profesora Calani' - YouTube video by Cultura Inglesa

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6. Answers to questions

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