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This page contains links to other sites relevant or related to the history of ELT or ELT-related applied linguistics (any suggestions for further links are welcome, to please!).

Primary sources:

Autobiography of David Nunan

Brita Haycraft - 'EFL teacher training the IH way', 2013 (video)

The Catford Tapes: Professor Catford’s Life in Linguistics: A series of eight one-hour lectures given by Ian Catford in early 1985, on the occasion of his retirement from the University of Michigan Linguistics Department. See also this note on their preservation.

Communicative Language Teaching: What We Have Gained (And What We Might Have Lost) - A Conversation Between Jeremy Harmer and Scott Thornbury

English Language Institute (University of Michigan) Oral History Project

Looking back: Reflections on a career in applied linguistics by Jack C. Richards. '[W]ritten at the request of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, (Beijing, China) to be included in an anthology of Jack Richards’ works' [Selected Works of Jack C. Richards on Applied Linguistics, 2010].

Hornby, A.S. [interview with Christina Ruse]. 1974. Hornby on Hornby. Tokyo: Oxford University Press (Oxford University Press website).

Interview with John Trim about the History of Modern Language Teaching and Learning, 19 September 2013

I will speak English (colonial film, Ghana)
Panel discussion on the History of EAP and of BALEAP, BALEAP 2013 Conference, April 2013.
Tim Johns on John Higgins (video-recorded presentation at Coventry University, June 2018)

UCL Phonetics collection (in British Library Sound Archive)


Warwick Autonomy Archive 


The Berlitz Story (according to Berlitz International)

A (Brief) History of (English) Collocations (timeilne by muranava)

A (Brief) History of (English) Wordlists (timeline by muranava)

BBC English und Englisch lernen mit der BBC by Gerhard Leitner. Munich: Langenscheidt.

CfBT: Forty Years of Supporting Education Worldwide, 1968-2008

The Development of and Issues in Applied Linguistics ('podcast' based on personal experience by Keith Johnson for

The Evolution of the Language Laboratory (graphic)

Finotti, I. 2008. Lambert Sauveur à l'ombre de Maximilian Berlitz: Les débuts de la méthode directe aux États-Unis. Bologna: Cooperativa Libraria Universitaria Editrice Bologna. Online:

Language testing: Looking back and looking forward (British Council lecture by Barry O'Sullivan)

Notes on the History of the British Association for Applied Linguistics, 1967-1997 (by Rosamond Mitchell)

History of BALEAP (work in progress, Andy Gillett)

The History of Computer Assisted Language Learning Web Exhibition (by Philippe Delcloque)

The History of EUROCALL (by Graham Davies)

History of IELTS

IH History (see also 'The House that John Haycraft Built' (Parts 1 to 4))

Nuffield Modern Languages

The Origins of ELT Journal (by Richard Smith)

Puren, C. 1988. Histoire des Méthodologies de l’enseignement des langues. Paris: Nathan - Clé International. Online:

The rise of ELT [a history of language school chains] (by Amy Baker)

A Short History of ELT: Talk by Richard Smith in the British Council Seminar Series, 26 June 2012.

Streamline English (by Peter Viney)

TESOL's History (by James Alatis)

The Work of the Council of Europe in the field of Modern Languages, 1957-2001 (by John Trim)

30 years of TEFL/TESL: A personal reflection (by Jack C. Richards). Published in RELC Journal, Vol 33, 2, 2002, pp.1-36.



David Brazil (1925-1995) (by Richard Cauldwell) [link currently broken]

Daniel Jones (1881-1967) (UCL website)

Robert O'Neill (1933–2014) (Obituary, OUP website)

See also the various Short Biographies within this Warwick ELT Archive website


AILA Research Network for the History of Language Learning and Teaching (

The Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas

The Textbook Colloquium

SIHFLES (Société internationale pour l'histoire du français langue étrangère ou seconde)

APHELLE (Associação Portuguesa para a História do Ensino das Línguas e Literaturas Extranjeras)

CIRSIL (Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sulla Storia degli Insegnamenti Linguistici)

PHG (Peeter Heynsgenootschap)

SEHEL (Sociedad Española para la Historia de las Enseñanzas Lingüísticas)

History of Reading SIG of the International Reading Association 


Australian TESOL industry oral history project

English Language Institute (University of Michigan), records (1940-2004) [catalogue only]

The Henry Sweet Society Bulletin (back issues)

The John Trim Collection (at ECML, Graz)

The St Giles Central London ELT Library: article; website (collection of contemporary ELT materials)

Links previously here, currently broken (to be repaired):

English Teaching Theatre Archive

Hunter Education Commission Report, 1884, and exerpts from Indian Education (La Trobe University Digital Colonial Documents)

Frank Bell: A mission born from belief (Bell Educational Trust website)

Background to the Threshold series by John Trim, 2005.

Cardinal Vowels (Linguaphone, 1956), recorded by Daniel Jones (1881-1967)

The History of English Teaching in England: Various documents brought together by Dick Hudson.

International House - John Haycraft