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Notes for potential donors of materials

We are extremely grateful for the donations of published and unpublished materials which have helped us build our current collection. In principle we are delighted to continue to receive offers of donations. However, with regard to published items, we would ask you to first consult our catalogue of pre-1980 materials (currently available - please email for further guidance) to check whether we already have an item. If a relevant pre-1980 item is not on this list, we would be delighted to receive and look after the item.

We have not yet been able to catalogue our holdings for the 1980s or beyond (offers of voluntary assistance or sponsorship for this and other tasks are always welcome!). In current circumstances, unless a 1980+ item is rare or of archival value (mimeo-ed reports etc. may fall into this category), it is quite likely that we will not be able to accept the item into our collection - that is, if we already possess it. With regard to 1990+ items, we have to decline offers of learning/teaching materials at this point due to space limitations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss making a donation of materials or offering other assistance having read these notes.