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Choices for Thursday Evening Meal

On Thursday evening as part of your conference booking you are offered an evening meal but this needs to be pre-booked. We need to know your choices in advance so please indicate them below. The barbecue will be held a short walk from the main campus and is a good opportunity for socialising. There will be a bar and some seating (but not at tables). The sit-down meal will be in Rootes restaurant on campus close to the accommodation. There is also a bar in the building.
As of Friday 29th August 2014 we have 150 bookings. After this time we will do our best to accommodate your preference but cannot guarantee it so please be flexible. There are approximately 37 places left for the barbecue.
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This form is used only to collect data for 4th September 2014 and will be deleted as soon as the BAAL Annual Meeting is over.
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