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ealtalogo Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday 27th - Thursday 29th May 2014


We have received a large number of high quality proposals for the EALTA 2014 pre-conference workshops - many thanks to all who submitted. After analyzing feedback from previous conference questionnaires and evaluating all the proposals, the Executive Committee has now evaluated all proposals and we are very happy to be able to offer the following workshops:

Workshop 1: Using automated programmes & approaches for test development or assessing productive skills

Workshop facilitators: Scott Crossley (Georgia State University and Arizona State University) and Danielle McNamara (Arizona State University)

Workshop 2: Test Item Analysis for English Teachers: Applying Classical Test Theory using Excel

Workshop facilitators: Chihiro Inoue (CRELLA, University of Bedfordshire), Sathena Chan (CRELLA, University of Bedfordshire) and Carolyn Westbrook (Southampton Solent University)

Workshop 3: Assessment of Intercultural Communicative Competencies

Workshop facilitators: Claudia Borghetti (University of Bologna) and Jan Van Maele (University of Leuven)

Workshop 4: Good Practice in Assessing Speaking

Workshop facilitators: Carol Spoettl (University of Innsbruck), Nivja De Jong (Uttrecht University), Jayanti Banerjee (CaMLA)

Venue: The workshops will take place in the University of Warwick's Ramphal building.

For details on the workshops and registration please click the workshop titles or follow the links below.


Details and registration for WS1 Automated Programmes: click here

Details and registration for WS2
Item Analsys
: click here

Details and registration for WS3 Intercultural Competencies: click here

Details for WS4 Assessing Speaking: click here (fully booked)