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International Visitors

Note that the University is not in the town of Warwick (which is about 8 miles away), and it is not the same as Coventry University (which is a different university, located in the centre of Coventry). This is important when telling taxi drivers where you want to be.

If you're coming by rail or bus (e.g., National Express or Megabus), you should come to Coventry. Information on getting to the University of Warwick from Coventry and other directions locally can be found here.


  • Coventry, a short taxi-ride away (but not served by major airlines)
  • Birmingham. To get to the University from Birmingham airport either
    • (cheapest) take the train to Coventry (£3.30, 10 mins) and then local bus (£1.30, 25 mins; exact fare must be paid to driver) or taxi (about £10, 15 mins) to the University of Warwick
    • (possibly slightly quicker, but expensive --- about £30 for the half-hour ride) take a taxi from the airport to the University of Warwick
  • London Heathrow has many more flights, and is about 2 hours away from Coventry either by bus (National Express) or by rail (via London). --- the bus option is simpler, and cheaper.
  • London Luton also has various international flights, and is under 2 hours from Coventry by bus (National Express).
  • East Midlands (near Nottingham) has some international flights, and has an (infrequent) National Express service to Coventry.