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BA Language, Culture & Communication

BA LCC student perspectives

Providing you with a thorough grounding in Language, Culture and Communication, this degree introduces you to relevant linguistic and cultural features and enables you to explore the interconnections between these. It’s the study of language with a twist, and offers you great career potential.

The British Council’s Culture at Work report (2013) stated that employers are seeking employees who not only have technical knowledge, but who are also culturally aware and able to thrive in a global work environment. Our degree nurtures these qualities, so you will have a competitive advantage in the graduate employment market.
Key reasons to take the course
  • Be trained in analytical, research and communication skills and apply these in a range of authentic situations;
  • Choose relevant modules within the broader field of social sciences;
  • Develop expertise in communicating effectively with people from other cultures, along with proficiency in foreign languages;
  • Gain skills that will enable you to forge a successful career in the international market place;
  • Hone your own communication and presentation skills and acquire first-hand experience of living abroad and working in multicultural contexts.
BA LCC modules for each year

Year 1


Linguistics: Understanding Language (30 CATS)

Foreign Language Learning (30 CATS)


Culture, Cognition and Society (30 CATS)

Language in Society (15 CATS)

Research/Communication & Professional Skills

Research, Academic and Professional Skills (15 CATS)

Year 2


Linguistics: Acquisition & Use (30 CATS)

Foreign Language route (30 CATS)*


Culture and Interpersonal Relations (30 CATS)

Sociolinguistics (15 CATS)*

Research/Communication & Professional Skills

Quantitative Research Methods (15 CATS)*

Qualitative Research Methods (15 CATS)*

Intercultural Business Communication (15 CATS)*

Year 3


Communication Modes (15 CATS)

Foreign Language route (30 CATS)**


English Across Cultures (15 CATS)**

Multilingualism and Culture (15 CATS)**

Research/Communication & Professional Skills

Professional Communication (15 CATS)**

Dissertation (30 CATS)

Global Public Relations (15 CATS)**

Module Options

* Year 2: Study 60 credits of option modules of which 15 credits must be either Quantitative or Qualitative Research Methods. Some of the credits may be studied within the School of Modern Languages and Cultures or in other Social Sciences departments.

**Year 3: Select 75 credits of which 15 credits must be either Quantitative or Qualitative Research Methods. Some of the credits may come from other disciplines.