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English as a Medium of Instruction

The University of Warwick is delighted to introduce this professional development programme designed for lecturers working in globally-orientated universities and who are teaching academic subjects through the medium of English to home and international students. The EMI programme can be delivered as a 4-week or 8-week programme, depending on your needs and will take place in Autumn 2023. Its focus is on improving participants' English language proficiency and equipping them with the pedagogical techniques needed to teach academic content in English to students of diverse cultural backgrounds and for whom English is not their language. The programme also includes opportunities for observation and networking within the University. All of our courses are designed and taught by faculty of Warwick Applied Linguistics, with guest lecturers brought in from the wider university when required.

The cost for our Autumn EMI course is £3475 per month.

To include all academic fees and accommodation.

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Key aims of the course

  • To develop lecturers’ working knowledge of a range of teaching methodologies for facilitating the effective teaching of academic content through the medium of English
  • To raise EMI lecturers' awareness of the challenges faced by students studying academic subjects through the medium of English
  • To offer guidance on the creation of well-constructed lesson plans that help maximise learning in EMI contexts
  • To improve lecturers’ competency and confidence in using English in a wholly immersive learning environment
  • To increase teachers' ability to select and develop teaching materials that are relevant, engaging and authentic
  • To familiarise lecturers with a wide range of technological tools for the purpose of their own professional development and future teaching practice
  • To encourage lecturers to become reflective practitioners and support their own professional development
  • To provide an opportunity for lecturers to engage in observed teaching practice and receive constructive, critical feedback