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Care of under 18's

Care of Under 18's

The Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) fully recognises the contribution it must make in safeguarding children. Whilst we have traditionally recruited adult learners only, on rare occasions a student may join us who has not yet reached his/her 18th birthday.

It is the Centre’s intention to provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment which promotes the academic, social and cultural development of all learners. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and anyone can make report an incident or concern.

The University’s web pages provide information on the institution’s Child Protection Policy, and provide a mechanism for the reporting of an incident or concern relating to the safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults. Click here for details.

Welfare and Support of under 18’s

The Centre’s administrative team ensures that suitable arrangements are in place for the supervision and safety of students outside lessons. For example, arrangements for external visits include the appropriate risk assessments and under 18’s are accompanied for all off-site activities. No under 18 is placed in homestay accommodation, but students residing on campus are supervised by Residential Assistants.

On arrival, any student who is under 18 years of age will receive a letter from the Head of Student Support, a copy of which is provided here. In addition, we ask students (and their parents, if present) to sign a Code of Conduct Contract, which sets out our expectations of them and provides guidance and advice. A copy of this is available here. Staff will discuss these expectations with students as part of their orientation.