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What it is like to Study English for Postgraduate Studies at Warwick

I studiBibigul Utepkaliyevaed ‘Programme in English for Postgraduate studies’ at CAL in 2015-2016. When I first came to CAL, I was glad to find friendly people around me. I always thought that English people are a bit cold. Well, they are not. Tutors and staff in the office were always thoughtful and helpful. There were not many students in my course, so it was almost like individual teaching. I got the chance to improve my English skills due to wonderful teachers like June, Lynnette and Nigel. They never refuse to do extra work with students if needed and they are indeed inspiring and supportive. Now I am doing a master’s course at Warwick and I feel that it is not as difficult as I thought it would be because of my previous course at CAL.

Life at CAL is not only about study and hard work, it can be fun as well. I met students from all over the world, we still keep in touch. I also had many opportunities to explore England during trips arranged for students at CAL.
I believe that Warwick University overall and CAL in particular is one of the best places to study because it is challenging yet interesting and surprising.

Bibigul Utepkaliyeva, Kazakhstan