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TEAP Online (Teaching English for Academic Purposes)

The University of Warwick is delighted to introduce a new, online course for teachers wishing to develop a better theoretical and practical understanding of Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) in higher education settings. The course provides an opportunity for teachers to work alongside experienced EAP teachers and trainers, to investigate key issues in the design and delivery of EAP courses, and to develop and practise skills in their own areas of teaching.

A 10-week course consisting of 65 hours of learning. This will include one 90 minute live interactive seminar and 3 hours of pre and post-session online learning content (including planning support) per week. There will also be observed peer teaching over the course of the programme, relevant to the group's needs. An individual, end-of-course tutorial with the course tutor is also included.

Courses will run on the following dates:

24th April 2023

3rd October 2023

The cost is £670 and includes all registration, certification and tuition fees.

This includes an early bird discount rate of 10% is booking before 31 March 2023.


Delivered as part of a blended learning course, live input sessions will focus on the core competencies necessary to becoming an effective EAP teacher. Participants will be expected to apply theory, pedagogical insights and their own research findings to their practice. The live input will be supported throughout with a dedicated online learning platform that offers a range of resources for participants to draw upon, including readings and other activities.

All resources used on the course will be selected from current policy, practice, values and conventions in TEAP and will be informed by best practice, with particular reference to the Competency Framework for Teachers of English for Academic Purposes (British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes)

TEAP Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about current principles and best practice in EAP teaching
  • Think about EAP course design and lesson planning in light of your own teaching context and the needs and expectations of your students and institution
  • Explore the study skills and academic literacies approaches to EAP
  • Examine the role of student autonomy and criticality in academic settings
  • Investigate language variation across different academic disciplines (genres, discourse etc)
  • Identify an area of professional interest that can be the focus of your own assignment
  • Work with peers to design a teaching resource that could be used in your own teaching context
  • Learn to evaluate resources and to develop creative, effective and relevant EAP teaching-learning materials
  • Develop research skills with a view to enhancing pedagogy, supporting learner outcomes, and engaging in professional development
  • Reflect on your prior teaching experience as you engage with the course.

Click here for Course Overview and to Meet the Team