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Pre Course Reading Lists


Some of our courses provide pre-course reading lists. These are indicative of reading that might be useful for your course but are not compulsory. They are provided because students often ask for them but please do not feel that you need to read everything on the list prior to starting your course.

If there is not a list for your course do not worry as you will be provided with reading lists for every module you undertake and these are more specialised. If there is no reading list then your course leader feels that there are no general texts that are suitable to recommend.

MA Education and MA Educational Innovation

Main Texts:

  • Ball, S. J. (2021) The Education Debate. 4th edn, Policy Press, Bristol.
  • Bartlett, S. (2020), Introduction to education studies, 5th edn, SAGE Publications, London.
  • Chitty, C. (2014) Education Policy in Britain Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Additional Reading

  • Tait, G. (2017) Schooling and Society. Myths of Mass Education. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press
    Thomas, G. (2017) How to do your Research Project: a guide for students. London: Sage
  • Tomlinson, S. (2005) Education in a post-welfare society. Maidenhead: Open University Press
MA Childhood in Society

Main Texts:

  • Wyness, M. (2018) Childhood, Culture and Society: In a Global Context. London: Sage.

This book will introduce you to a range of concepts and themes relating to exploring childhood as an interdisciplinary subject.

Additional Reading

  • Corsaro, W. (2018) The Sociology of Childhood. London: Sage

  • Oswell, D. (2013) The Agency of Children: from Family to Global Human Rights, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Owen, A. (Ed) (2017) Childhood Today. London: Sage
  • Wyness, M. (2019) Childhood and Society, Basingstoke: Palgrave, third edition.
MA Educational Leadership and Management

Bush, T. (2020), Theories of Educational Leadership and Management (5th Edition), London: Sage.

Bush, T., Bell, L. & Middlewood, D. (editors) (2019) (3rd edition) The Principles of Educational Leadership and Management, London: Sage.

Fullan, M. (2015) The New Meaning of Educational Change (4th edition), New York: Teachers College Press

MA Drama and Theatre Education

Main Texts:

  • Leach, R. (2013) Theatre Studies: the basics, Routledge: London. 2nd ed
  • van de Water et al. (2015) Drama and education: performance methodologies for teaching and learning, London: Routledge.
MA Drama Education and English Language Teaching

Main Texts:

  • Winston, J. ed. (2011) Second Language Learning through Drama, London: David Fulton
  • van de Water et al. (2015) Drama and education: performance methodologies for teaching and learning, London: Routledge.
MA Psychology and Education
  • Frederickson, N., & Cline, T. (2015). Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Diversity. 3rd Ed. Berkshire: Open University Press.
  • Cline, T. Gulliford, A., & Birch, S. (2015). Educational Psychology. 2nd Ed. London: Routledge.
  • Bailey, J. S. & Burch, M.R. (2006). How to think like a Behaviour Analyst: Understanding the science that can change your life. New York: Routledge.
  • Hattie, J. (2012). Visible Learning for Teachers. Maximizing Impact on Learning. Oxon: Routledge.
  • Brooks, G. (2013). What works for children and young children with literacy difficulties? The effectiveness of intervention schemes. 4th Edition. The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust.
MA Global Education and International Development
  • McCowan, T. and Unterhalter, E. (2015). Education and international development : an introduction. London: Bloomsbury.

This book provides a wide-ranging and thorough introduction to the types of issues and concepts which are covered in the course.

  • Lauder, H. et al. (2006). Education, Globalization, and Social Change. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

This book contains many key texts from the field of global education, and is therefore a good reference book for the course.

  • Rahnema, M. and Bawtree, V. (1997). The post-development reader. London: Zed Books.

This is a classic collection of readings which, although now some years old, provides a useful and relevant set of background reading on the issues and challenges of international development

MA Islamic Education: Theory and Practice

Main Text:

Sahin, A (2014) New Direction in Islamic Education: pedagogy and identity formation, Markfield: Kube Academic Press. (Revised Ed).

This book will introduce you to a range of theoretical, practical and research related themes within the interdisciplinary field of Islamic Education Studies.

Additional Readings

Makdisi, G (1981) The Rise of Colleges: Institutions of Learning in Islam and the West, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press

Rahman, F (1984) Islam and Modernity: Transformation of an Intellectual Tradition, London: University of Chicago Press.