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Current Research Projects

Coventry and its twinned town and cities

Father's involvement in their children's education during the Coronavirus lockdown

Mental Health, Education and Therapeutic Philosophy

Understanding the views and experiences of those who lead undergraduate degree programmes

The Educational Needs of Young Refugees

This funded project assesses and supports the educational needs of young refugees who attend Positive Youth Foundation, a youth agency based in Coventry. The study aims to develop an assessment tool for identifying the educational needs of young refugees living in Coventry aged between 12 and 21, to understand what services these young people need to support their formal education and resettlement and to track the progress of small groups of newly arrived young refugees as they access school and further education.

Improving communication, engagement and resilience in STEM classrooms in South Africa

A Fair Chance for Education

In Two Places at Once: The Impact of Caring Responsibilities on Academics' Conference Participation

Academic Mobilities and Immobilities Network

Erasmus Plus: Strategic Partnerships

Youth, Theatre, Radical Hope and the Ethical Imaginary: An intercultural investigation of drama pedagogy, performance and civic engagement

Ten leading schools: the spiritual influence of Christian-ethos secondary educationPromoting Mathematical Resilience

Cultural implications of, and responsible research and innovation in the field of synthetic biology (via Warwick Intergrative Synthetic Biology Centre)

The Role of Religion in Families during times of Austerity

Technologies for Learning Network

Human Germ Line Gene Editing in Global Context: Challenges and Needs from a UK Perspective

Warwick Observatory for Social Mobility

Promoting Mathematical Resilience

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