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The UK government requires that DBS checks are undertaken when certain criteria are met. In general, students will need to obtain a criminal record check if they want to undertake the research in a specified establishment (e.g. nursery, school, further education college) and undertake the research frequently (once a week or more, or four or more days in a thirty day period).

As most of our students undertake research with children, we would like to notify you of the procedure and requirements for obtaining a criminal records check:

  • If you are an international student, we strongly advise you to obtain evidence of good conduct from the country that you have lived in within the last five years (for a period of six months or more). It can be difficult to obtain an overseas criminal record check once you have moved to the UK, therefore you might want to apply for this clearance before you move to the UK, even if you are uncertain at this stage whether or not you will wish to undertake research with children. Further information on obtaining evidence of good conduct from an overseas country can be found on our website.

You will also need to apply for a UK criminal record check when you have moved to the UK.