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Dr Abdullah Sahin

Dr Sahin's work has strong international focus and aims to establish Islamic Education Studies as an interdisciplinary field of scholarly inquiry, empirical research and professional development. His main areas of research interests include:

  • Traditions of education in Islam and their theological, philosophical, spiritual and pedagogic foundations;
  • Islamic Empirical and Practical Theology;
  • Educational Hermeneutics in Muslim core sources;
  • Education and Identity formation among British Muslim youth;
  • Teacher Training and Faith-based schooling within British Muslim communities;
  • Muslim Seminaries and the training of faith leaders in contemporary Europe;
  • Modern Islamic pedagogies and intercultural and interreligious education;
  • Developing educational standards for Muslim supplementary schooling;
  • Teaching of Islam within inclusive RE and the wider mainstream curriculum;
  • Educational Reform within contemporary minority/majority Muslim contexts

Dr Sahin is a member of Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit (WRERU) at Warwick. He is involved in collaborative projects across the department focused on critical/comparative pedagogy, interdisciplinary study of education in cross cultural settings, and empirical research projects integrating psychology of religion and education studies.

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