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Volunteer Guidelines


Before the session starts
  • Please get in the room at least 5 minutes early.
  • Log in using your Warwick username and password.
  • Assist presenters in checking and/or uploading their presentations onto the computer before the session starts.
  • Inform the presenters on the presentation format (15 minutes oral presentation and 10 minutes Q&A).
    • The overall presentation MUST end within 25 minutes.
    • If a presenter uses all 25 minutes for their oral presentation, they will not have the Q&A session.
      • Please continue with the next presenter.
  • Remind the audience to switch off mobile phones or put them in silent mode.
During presentation
  • Introduce the presenters, their affiliation and the title of their presentation.
  • Please use the time cards provided to notify the participants that their time is running out.
  • Make sure the Q&A session ends within the allotted 25-minute slot.
  • Please inform the audience that they can personally meet the presenter during breaks or email him/her for further discussion.
At the end of the session
  • Thank everybody for attending the session.
  • Inform them on the next agenda; (for example: break and the next session, break followed by keynote speech, break followed by panel Q&A session).