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Conferences Attended

The following conferences I have attended to support my research:

Birmingham (9 Nov 2013) The Federation of Children’s Book Groups - Festival of Children’s Literature

University of Warwick (May 2013) EYFD Stories and Storytelling seminar led by Dr Hilary Minns with guest speaker, Mary Medlicott

University of Warwick (Nov 2012) The Changing Face of Early Childhood Policy and Practice in England over the Past Twenty Years

University of Warwick (Nov 2012) New Urbanisms, New Citizens: Children and Young People’s Everyday Life and Citizenship in Sustainable Communities

Froebel College, Roehampton University (Nov 2012) Beyond the Book IBBY UK/NCRCL Children's Literature Conference

University of Warwick (Nov 2012) Disproportionate identification of ethnic minority students with special educational needs (SEN): Recent national data from England

London (October 2012) The Children's Books History Society Study Day on Two Hundred Years of the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales

Story Museum, Oxford (Nov 2012) The first story and its tellers with Dr Irving Finkel

Story Museum, Oxford (Oct 2012) Story and Desire with Adam Phillips

Warwick Words (Sept - Oct 2012)
   Springboard Stories by performance artist Mark Hancock; Tea Time Talk on the Legend of a Suicide and Caribour Island with David Vann; How to.....Write Scripts For Children's TV by Emma Sevant; Jamila Gavin and the Coram boy

University of Warwick (Jun 2012) Current Turkish Early Childhood Education: Policy and Application
Re-framing service delivery, professional practice and professional identities in UK careers work: ESRC Seminar Series (Jun 2012)
Seminar 6: Learning from Others - Crafting identities: Learning, curiosity and career guidance

University of Lancaster (Jun 2012) LRDG - Harry Potter and Boys' Literacies

University of Warwick (May 2012) Women in Leadership: challenges, choices and change

University of Warwick (UW) (March 2012) Beauty and Education