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IT Training

MATLAB - an overview for complete beginners (29 Oct 2012)
Introduction to MATLAB for Data Analysis (Oxford)( 27 Sept 2012)

Working with Data (23 Feb 2012)
An Overview for Complete Beginners (16 Feb 2012)

IBM SPSS Statistics 19
Data Operations (5 Mar 2012)
Elementary Statistical Methods (17 Feb 2012)
An Overview for Complete Beginners (7 Dec 2011)

Research Student Skills Programme Workshops Attended

2012 - 2013

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome (7-Dec-2012)

Academic Writing - Ordering a Critical Argument (5-Dec-2012)
Understanding the Upgrade Process (4-Dec-2012)

Thesis Writing Group

Humanities Group 1 (H1): Mondays, 2-5 pm – Facilitator: Dr. Emma Smith

Emma Poltrack (spokesperson), Miria Koshy, Jane Beaven, Peter Jennings, Maria Parks, Temilola Oladepo

H1 group meetings to be held Mondays 2-5 pm in the Postgraduate Hub (Coventry House) rooms 1+2 on: 24 Sep, 22 Oct, 19 Nov, 10 Dec, 7 Jan, 4 Feb, 4 March, 22 Apr, 20 May, 17 June, 15 July, 12 August

2011 - 2012

Making Progress for 2nd year Postgraduates at University of Warwick (24-Jul-2012)
Disseminating information about your research B :publication beyond journals (9-Jul-2012)
Academic writing, The Peer Review Process (4-Jul-2012)
Academic Writing Presenting Academic Writing to specific audiences (27-Jun-2012)
ePortfolio seminar (18-Jun-2012)
Academic Writing Strategies for manipulating semantics and emphasis in writing (13-Jun-2012)
Research Postgraduate Poster Competition (30-May-2012)
Academic Presentations 2 (15-May-2012)
Time Management and Motivation (10-May-2012)
Mindfulness for Work and Study (2-May-2012 (Four weeks))
Academic Presentations 1 (1-May-2012)
Academic Writing: Revision, proofreading, editing for clarity (7-Mar-2012)
Effective reading and note making (2-Mar-2012)
Academic Writing Grammatical Accuracy, Syntax (22-Feb-2012)
Comprehensive Literature Searching 2 (15-Feb-2012)
Academic Writing Paragraph Construction, elements and transition (8-Feb-2012)
Academic Writing: Grammatical Accuracy, Morphology and Syntax (8-Feb-2012)
Effective Literature Searching 1 (2-Feb-2012)
Academic Writing:Elements of Structure & organisation (opening and closing paragraphs)(25-Jan-2012)
Academic Writing Reporting using critical resources: paraphrase, summary and synthesis (25-Jan-2012)
How to be an Effective Researcher (21-Oct-2011)

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