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Research Activities

Research Poster (Yr 1 - Preliminary):


ExaminersJEB with Posterp3.jpg

From the poster exhibition the following points where raised:

  1. The rising concern for mental health and well-being, with over 10% of school children ( 0 -18 yrs) suffering from mental health problems in this country.
  2. The initiatives being carried out with young fathers or male carers to encourage engagement in storytelling with their young children and bonding amongst themselves within a female-dominated environment.
  3. The political aspects of gender and how these contrast greatly in different cultures, for instance in many Eastern countries it is a far cry that on average girls' achievement is higher in language and communication than the boys. This raises the cultural implications of society and the questioning of values that are being transmitted to children.
  4. The concrete ceiling for women with young families and career choices, for centuries it has traditionaly been expected that women give up or forgoe their careers to stay-at-home and raise their children and how these attitudes are rather fixed. Men are very exposed if they do partake in child care by absence from the work-face, and to develop more liberated perspectives requires re-negotiation of roles and status.
  5. Similarly, when discussing different families and developing an inclusive approach, bias and misconception needs to be addressed to prevent discrimination and children being placed in vulnerable positions as society expands on traditional family arrangements and infrastructures.
  6. There needs to be opportunities for children to have an open forum to discuss and experiment with aspirations and roles, particularly for girls and the fiscal aspects of raising families. This challenges Foundation Stage settings as many of the EYs staff are paid minimal salaries and credited with low status.