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What is this picture saying to you about beauty?

Over the course of my research I hope to progress my own story writing skills in becoming an active storyteller. I believe that to support young children in developing their gendered identities and emotional awareness through stories, it is necessary to explore the challenges and boundaries of their lived experiences in society today from different reading perspectives.

Currently I am a member of:

The Story Circle (The Oxford Story Museum) - once a month short stories are told amongst a group of volunteers and the elements that create a personal emotional response within the listener are discussed and reflected upon.

StoryVine Writing Group (formed from association with Warwick Words) - this is a newly formed work in progress group, whose stories are written for sharing with children. It consists of all-female writers at various stages of their story writing careers for children, some very much at the beginning (such as myself) to those who have had a series of books published and scripts sought by CBBC TV.