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Papers (peer-reviewed)

2015 ‘The Ensemble Domesticated: mapping issues of autonomy and power in performing arts projects in schools' in Power and Education, 7:1, 90-105

Book Chapters

(2018) 'Playfulness in performative approaches to teaching Shakespeare' in The Arts in Language Teaching. International Perspectives: Performative – Aesthetic – Transversal LIT Verlag: Berlin

Papers (non-peer reviewed)

2015 'Play isn't just for primary school kids - it's got an image problem' in The Conversation

2014 'Shakespeare plays key role in teaching children to take creative leaps' in The Conversation

2013 ‘Limits of paradigms and possibilities of pragmatism: the move to mixed methods and its implications for research methodology training’ in Warwick Institute of Education Graduate Association (WIEGA) Working Papers


with McCarthy, K. 2014 'Scenario Forum International Conference: Performative Teaching, Learning and Research' in Research in Drama Education, 19:4, 419-421

2013 'National Drama International Conference 2013: Heathcote Reconsidered' in Research in Drama Education, 18:4, 425-432