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Portfolio Introduction

I'm a part time Ph.D. post graduate in the Department of Education, having just begun the Ph.D. in September of 2014. It is a privilege to be able to undertake post graduate research, where I am given the opportunity to expand on my academic skills and explore the questions that have fascinated me for a long time. It is also a privilege to be able to have that opportunity to expand existing and contribute new knowledge to the areas of research of interest. The part time option provides me with opportunities to explore my business interest and options as well, which includes freelance writing on educational topics, which are linked broadly with the Ph.D. research.

I am based in the, usually sunny, county of Cornwall in England. As such, I'm passionate about the countryside and when I'm not focussed on doing my Ph.D. research work or my business work, I enjoy going out in the countryside on short and long country walks. Sometimes it's important to take time out and go on walks, even if to consider any problems encountered with the work, and planning!

This portfolio is new and shall be in constant development as my research progresses and as I attend various conferences, research training and professional development courses. Some pages are therefore work in progress.

Supervisor of my Ph.D. is Dr. Michael Hammond.

Alexander Darracott

A dot J dot Darracott at warwick dot ac dot uk