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ePortfolio of Amal Alfageeh

Welcom to my ePortfolio!

Educational Background:

I am a research student at Centre for Education Studies. I earned my MA in Organizational Leadership from Shenandoah University, USA, in 2014.

Working Title:

Examining the Career Paths of Female Academic Leaders in Saudi Arabia Higher Education.


My interest in women leadership in Saudi Arabia came from several experiences I encountered as a Saudi female. Women advancement is a subject has been gaining an extraordinary significance in the country these days. Therefore, I am working on a study exploring experiences and practices shaping the career paths toward leadership roles of academic women at a higher education institution in Saudi Arabia, in order to comprehend the current status of career advancement for women leaders in higher education.

I seek to contribute in providing scientific evidence explaining the merits of this case to give the decision makers the full opportunity to understand what is happening in the career lives of Saudi women.

Research Interest:

  • Gender and leadership.

  • Leadership in higher education.


Dr. Pontso Moorosi

women career paths

Amal Alfageeh