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John Gwyn Thomas

I am a second year EdD student moving into the research phase of my doctoral studies.

As the head of Mathematics at a high-performing boy's selective school, I am particularly interested in investigating how Maths Anxiety impacts the learning of what can be considered to be high-ability students. Given high levels of prior attainment, there remains a significant number of students who do not prosper in the subject as much as we would expect; many struggle to come to terms with more open-ended tasks and problems and anecdotally describe emotional responses to the subject that are very much in line with other students who display aspects of Maths Anxiety.

My project aims to quantify the problem and to introduce interventions aimed at developing students' resilience. While the study will be based in a selective boy's school, I would hope that the interventions studied would be beneficial in other settings.

Supervisor: Sue Johnston-Wilder (Associate Professor, Centre for Education Studies)

John Thomas

john dot g dot thomas at warwick dot ac dot uk