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ePortfolio of Noor Alwattary


I am a first year PhD student in Education at Warwick University. I graduated with a BA in Leadership and Management from the Open University-UK, a Diploma in Education and a Master in Educational Leadership from Qatar University. During my master studies, I worked as a Graduate Assistant at the Research office of Qatar University for two years. Later, when I finished my Master’s degree, I worked as a Research Assistant at the center for Humanities and Social Sciences at Qatar University for one year. My work at this center involved two nationally funded studies; Dementia care in Qatar, and Family Breakdown. Recently, I joined the College of Medicine at Qatar University to work as a Teaching Assistant in the Population Medicine Department.

Research Interests

I am interested in Values Education, Students’ well-being and Social Emotional Learning. My PhD research focuses on the implementation of a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program in a government school in Doha to explore its impact on students’ well-being, classroom behaviors and academic achievements. My study is supervised by Dr. Michael Wyness, the Director of Post Graduate Research at Warwick University.



Hammad, S., Kane, T., Nashif, S., & Alwattary, N. (2019). Addressing Dementia Care in Qatar: Producing an Evidence Base to Inform Policy and Practice. Doha, Qatar: Ehsan Centre for the Empowerment and Care of the Elderly.


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Noor Alwattary