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EQ960-30 Education: Not Just the Classroom

Department Education Studies

Level Taught Postgraduate Level

Module leader Dr Alis Wren

Credit value 30

Module duration 10 weeks

Assessment 100% coursework

Study location University of Warwick main campus, Coventry


This module gives students the chance to consider teaching and learning that happens outside of a traditional classroom setting. Looking from a global perspective, the module will consider topics including prison education, online learning, gamification of learning and the embedding of indigenous knowledge into teaching using case studies of actual activity from around the world. The aim of the module is to provide students with an awareness of the breadth of teaching and learning activity on offer, and to enable them to consider the ways in which traditional methods could be reshaped by these more radical and creative approaches.

Principal Module Aims and Outcomes
  1. To investigate learning that happens outside of the typical classroom environment and to analyse how and why pedagogical approaches may differ in these settings
  2. To consider what can be learnt from these more radical teaching practices that could be applied to classroom-based learning
  3. To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches in comparison to more traditional teaching methods
  4. Communicate their ideas and findings effectively in various media including written, spoken and possibly graphical.

Week 1 Introduction to the module – traditional teaching and its challenges

Week 2 Prison Education

Week 3 Outdoor Learning: More than just forest schools

Week 4 Democratic Education and Self-directed learning

Week 5 The University of the 3rd Age: educating the retired population

Week 6 Cultural Education and indigenous knowledge

Week 7 Massive Open Online Courses & the use of Artificial Intelligence

Week 8 Home-Schooling approaches

Week 9 The gamification of learning

Week 10 Recap and tutorials

Study Time
Type Required
Lectures 10 sessions of 2 hours (7%)
Seminars 10 sessions of 1 hour (3%)
Assessment 100 hours (33%)
Private study 170 hours (57%)
Total 300 hours
5000 word essay or evidence report 100%
Module Information

This module is an optional module for MA Childhood In Society, MA Education, MA Educational Innovation, MA Educational Leadership and Management, MA Islamic Education: Theory and Practice, and MA Global Education and International Development.