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EQ965-30 Rethinking Wellbeing and Education

Department Education Studies

Level Taught Postgraduate Level

Module leader Emma Williams

Credit value 30

Module duration 10 weeks


Study location University of Warwick, Coventry


This module will focus on ideas of wellbeing in the context of education. It will focus on a UK context and include global perspectives. The module will introduce students to a variety of approaches to, and conceptions of, mental health and well-being. It will draw from a number of different disciplinary perspectives and students will be able to critically reflect on the similarities/differences between these perspectives.

Module Aims
  1. To understand the underlying theories and concepts relevant to well-being, mental health and education.
  2. To critically examine a range of disciplinary perspectives and how these underpin different understandings of wellbeing, mental health and education.
  3. To evaluate competing conceptions of wellbeing and in education by different subjects, cultures and time.
  4. To generate and explore hypotheses relating to the teaching of wellbeing in educational contexts.
  5. To develop critical understanding of the interrelationship between wellbeing/mental health education agendas and wider societal, cultural and political issues.
  6. To critically explore and evaluate contemporary features of mental health/wellbeing policies, practices and institutions in regard to education.

This is an indicative module outline only to give an indication of the sort of topics that may be covered. Actual sessions held may differ.

The aim of this module is to explore the relationship between wellbeing and education. You will be introduced to a range of disciplinary perspectives and reflect on how these underpin different understandings of mental health and wellbeing in education. You will critically evaluate different concepts and theories of wellbeing and mental health, and consider the bearing of culture and history on these. You will also explore consider contemporary wellbeing agendas and policies in education, and reflect on these in the context of broader societal, cultural and global challenges. The module will consider how a multi-disciplinary approach can help to rethink and re-conceptualise understanding and practices of mental health/wellbeing education You will have the opportunity to test out hypotheses and creative ideas on how to educate for and about wellbeing.

Type Required
Lectures 8 sessions of 1 hour (3%)
Seminars 8 sessions of 2 hours (5%)
Practical classes 2 sessions of 3 hours (2%)
Private study 170 hours (57%)
Assessment 100 hours (33%)
Total 300 hours
Coursework 100%