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Reading List

You will find on this page a guide to some of the texts that the tutor team feel will be most useful for this MA. There is no need to read all of them, but we recommend that at least a handful from each subject area should be sampled.You will find that we have indicated recommended texts for each category.

Above all, we would really like you to read: Bush, T. (2011) Theories of Educational Leadership and Management, 4th edn. London: Sage. We feel that this text will provide you with a good initial overview of the field of educational leadership. That said, for some reason the Library is unable to obtain an e-copy of this text. It has 15 physical copies for those who occasionally drop by campus. For those who do not, this article covers the main points: . You could also purchase your own copy of the book - to save money, a certain well-known online bookstore sells second-hand copies at a reduced price, or perhaps a colleague from a preceding cohort may be willing to part with theirs.

The course reading list has not been separated by module (ignore the Library headings!) as most of the texts are useful across the whole of the course. The dynamic reading list that connects directly to the library search can be found at the following links:

  • First years click here
  • Second years click here

For the Word version, click here.