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MPhil and PhD

The MPhil/PhD programmes in Education enable you to research a topic of interest to considerable depth. The PhD is designed as a programme combining research methods training and individual, supervised research, leading to an 80,000 word thesis. The thesis is expected to be a substantial original contribution to knowledge and, in principle, to be capable of peer-reviewed publication.

Studying for an MPhil/PhD Doctorate is often seen as independent work, but Education Studies provides structure and support throughout the study period. In addition to your supervisor, the Director of Research Degrees and the International Tutor are available for further support. You begin by being registered for an MPhil, where you will receive research methods training and after one year (two years for part-time students) will upgrade to a PhD. This process requires writing of a short summary of your current research, passing (at Masters level) two 3,500 word assingments based on advanced research methods and attending a short oral examination.

The registration period for new starters is three years full-time or six years part-time. For full-time students, year 4 is to allow for examination and viva; it is expected that submission will normally be at the end of year 3. Likewise, for part-time students, years 6 and 7 are to allow for examination and viva, rather than writing up. It is expected that submission will normally be at the end of year 5.

Teachers in local schools are particularly welcome to apply for the MPhil/PhD programme.

In the past, students have carried out a diverse range of projects including:

  • Using IT in Helping Pupils with Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties to Communicate
  • The Role of Traditional Stories, Drama and Moral Education in Primary Schools
  • The Emotional Dimension to School Leadership
  • The role of ICT in Teaching and Learning Mathematics at University Level

  • Investigation into the Space where Drama and Dramatherapy meet
  • An Investigation into the use of Robots in the Classroom

How to apply

Please visit University of Warwick's guidelines for prospective research students: What are Research Degrees?