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Asima Iqbal

Current PhD in Education

Why did you choose to study this course at the University of Warwick?
While doing my MPhil from a local university in Lahore, Pakistan, I happened to meet some faculty members in the School of Education who had graduated from Warwick University. Subconsciously, Warwick became my only choice when I had to decide on which university to apply for a PhD degree. Any degree from Warwick University is ranked highly in professional circles in Pakistan. For me, Warwick is special because it fulfilled my dream of doing a PhD! The department of Religious Education (within the Centre for Education Studies) granted me a scholarship and this was something which I always aspired for, since funding an international degree of high repute was far beyond my limited means. And then, how can you miss the serene and majestic beauty of the Warwick campus! It’s a heaven on earth!

What have been the highlights of the programme so far?
I am in the third year of my PhD and have found the last two years as both enriching as well as challenging; enriching in terms of the various opportunities available to PhD students who wish to engage in extra-curricular activities and challenging in terms of the rigour of the course. The FRM and ARM modules are extremely useful in making us aware of the various research methods while keeping our own research projects in mind. They provide a good base for our actual research and PhD students are even allowed to sit through them again in the subsequent years if they wish to update their knowledge. In addition to the supervisor’s help and guidance, who is closely working with us on our research project, all faculty members at the CES are always available if we need any kind of extra support and assistance. A key highlight of my PhD experience so far has been that I did not believe in doing my PhD in isolation, and with this belief in perspective, I encountered a number of exciting opportunities that have enriched my experience not only as a researcher, but also as a professional who has explored various options for herself during the tenure of her course.

Would you recommend this course to a friend? Why?
Yes, I would surely recommend this course to my friends, as the amazing ‘international’ experience I have gained over the past two years is unmatched! The PhD community at CES is a blend of different cultures and we learn a lot from each other while constantly providing support to those who need it, as well as have our share of fun along the way!